How to Redefine Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Investment Success in the Pandemic

As a unique and devastating force majeure, the COVID-19 pandemic tested how well we could navigate what seemed like never-ending economic challenges. It was, perhaps still is, a game of The Floor is Lava. When you must jump high or burn your feet, your best chance for success, in real estate or otherwise, comes from embracing the challenge and moving toward it calmly and confidently.

Our success always depends on how we shape our relationships with stakeholders. But now, mundane actions and relationships–things that we often take for granted or do infrequently because of how smoothly they normally operate–moved to the forefront. The pandemic forced us to think about ourselves as the hub of a wheel. To keep it moving, our work was ensuring that every spoke in the wheel could play its role well. The lessons bring into high relief how we can do our jobs better during normal times as well.

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