Expanding your portfolio?
Diversify, diversify, diversify.

Invest in real estate through an organization that’s






BUY Right

• Realistic underwriting
• Contingency planning and exit strategies
• Strong distillation of deals



• Leverage and terms
• The right lender
• Capital expense reserve



• Hands-on approach
• Strong management team
• Underwriting execution

The Texas Advantage

We focus on the Texas real estate market to maximize returns.

There’s always demand for new homes in Texas, the state with the highest population growth.
#1 Fastest growing state in USA
3.9% real GDP growth rate
10th World’s largest economy

  • Texas: An Economic Powerhouse

  • Texas: An Economic Powerhouse

  • Why DFW?

  • Why Austin?

  • Why Houston?

  • Why San Antonio?

  • Process-Driven Approach

    We apply science, analytics and insight to investing in the right multifamily projects.

    Our transparent processes are created and refined through careful market and trend analysis.
    Robust processes
    Consistent results
    Complete transparency

  • Reasons to Invest in Multifamily

    1.Attractive, risk-adjusted returns and relatively low volatility
    2. Healthy demand and favorable demographic outlook
    3. Positive cash flow generation starting day one
    4. Preferential mortgage market and abundant financing sources
    5. Short-term leases allow immediate adjustment to market conditions
    6. Ability to be part of the affordable housing gap solution
  • Types of Multifamily

    New Construction
    Market Rate Housing
    Workforce Housing
    Senior Living
    Student Housing
    Low Income Housing
  • Workforce Housing

    Workforce housing means housing that is affordable.
    Housing affordability is one of the main concerns in the U.S.
    Renters by necessity, not by choice.
    Baby boomers and millennials’ homeownership rates have significantly decreased.
    Generally shielded during downturns.